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Diamond Resorts is a timeshare company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with regional offices in Orlando, Florida and Lancaster, United Kingdom. The company has a network of more than 379 vacation destinations in 35 countries around the world and sells vacation ownership points. The company sponsors numerous celebrities, including LPGA professional Brittany Lincicome, PGA Tour professional Brian Gay and MLB Hall of Famers Gaylord Perry and Reggie Jackson.[The company also pairs with country music artists, including Cole Swindell, Lauren Alaina and Jana Kramer to host private concerts for its members.

Last June VOC Corp reported in this piece, Diamond Resorts Barclays Bank Accused of Misleading Timeshare Buyers:

While most lawsuits against timeshare companies are rarely fruitful, some deserve public attention. For the most part, a large percentage of society isn’t keen on the sales tactics of the industry. Understanding buyer complaints can help consumers avoid the purchase altogether. In reality, many buyers often find themselves in over their heads with the purchase before they even know what happened. This is why an accusation from 2016 against Diamond Resorts and Barclays Bank is important to understand. In November of that year, Neri and Fe Jocson bought a “sampler package” from Diamond Resorts International. (DRI) for 2,500 timeshare points. Upon purchase, both were under the impression that they would accrue points every month as they made payments on their package. According to the complaint, it didn’t seem like they were expecting much from the membership but saw it as an opportunity to test the waters. In order to obtain this membership deal, Neri and Fe say they were required to finance with DRI directly. After signing up for a credit card through Barclays Bank in Delaware, the new timeshare points owners began saving up for a future getaway. But three months later, the perks and accommodations at multiple resorts across the country still weren’t accessible. As a matter of fact, according to the complaint, DRI allegedly told their buyers that they should have never sold them a limited number of points to begin with. False Verbal Promises Lay Traps for Timeshare Owners. This is where the plaintiffs began scratching their heads. The accusation went on to explain how Diamond told them that 2,500 points isn’t nearly a sufficient amount to make any type of promises on vacation privileges. In order to enjoy what they were initially promised, Neri and Fe were told they needed to upgrade to the “Silver Package” by purchasing another 6,000 points. Although it seemed odd, both agreed to spend more because they had already committed to the deal. This transaction is where the plaintiffs felt they were misled the most. Not only does it appear that DRI downplayed their mistake, but one may understand the complaint as the defendant purportedly distracted them with phantom perks and intimidated them into signing an additional agreement with further obligations. This is how so many people end up trapped in a perpetual agreement even though they only wanted a sample. If you feel pressured into any purchase, it’s always best to walk away. How the Timeshare Membership Lost its Appeal. As Neri and Fe proceeded with the sales process, they eventually found themselves at an owner’s update meeting in June of 2017. In their lawsuit, they claim that it was here where DRI informed them they had not, in fact, purchased a “Silver Membership.” To make matters worse, they were also informed they still did not have enough points to access any vacation privileges. Meeting hosts then urged them to sign up for another DRI credit card to finance the down payment for an upgraded membership. This time, the plaintiffs did not take the bait and they began formulating a lawsuit against Diamond Resorts International and Barclays Bank for their deceptive timeshare practices. Their decision to file was solidified in August of 2017 after another failed reservation attempt. At this point, according to the complaint, DRI allegedly went as far as invoking their membership benefits if they didn’t buy more points.


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Star says

"Our first visit to Palm Spring Diamond resort was really relaxing and the pool was wonderful, BUT the carpet was filthy and I found a dirty dried up wash cloth in between the shower curtains. Our second trip was lousy. The stick is ( me & my daughter) in a handicapped room (even though we aren’t handicapped) and it was awful. There was a light that flashed everytime the phone rang or the doorbell rang and there was a tweaked out weirdo in the apartments that faced us. The guy was walking around his apt in the dark ( with a light behind him so we could still see him) and he kept looking out the window at us and picking up a bat in a threatening way. I told them to move us and it took until 4pm the next day! We then had to move all of our stuff to a different room and it wasted our whole day ( and we were leaving the next day!) It literally wasted our whole trip. I asked for a refund and they refused repeatedly. I got so sick of trying to get my money back that I finally gave up. They also have those stupid sales things and once you attend and tell them you are NIOT interested in buying in they are very rude and try to force you into buying in! We are never going back there!!! I would much rather go to Marriott and get excellent service then be treated like crap and pay for it!!!"

Wendy Criwtger says

"Misleading and limited explanations of what purchasing a Sampler Package entails and the closure of the Canada/US border had made this a poor and unusable package"

Paulette Antara says

"I feel like the Diamond program is a money pit. I don’t like having to do the hard sales pitches. In Hawaii the reps made me feel like I was an idiot for purchasing the plan I did. They also explained how my fees are going to continue to rise every year. In time of COVID19, fees should be waived. We are not really able to travel! I don’t think any one will actually reach out to me regarding my feedback but it would go along way to building trust. At this point, I feel like I am a sucker for purchasing Diamond Resorts. Paulette"

Gary Edgar says

"Staff tries to help, but we were sold a package we did not understand."


"We are at Summer Bay and after checking in and unpacking into our room I found out that we are next door to another guest family. I mean front doors three feet apart with a common entryway I did not expect this to happen during the Covid-19 distancing. The resort has hundreds of rooms and at only 38% full I never expected this to happen. We are here for two weeks and did speak to the manager and she said we could move with no guarantee that someone would move in next door again. She did call back and said that she would block out this unit after these guest left which was consoling to us.I don't underhand the logic of this with so little occupancy overall. Again this is a trying time with this virus stuff going around and to place people on top of each other confuses me. To the managers credit she did try and work something out for us."

Gary Arnold says

"Diamond Resorts are a heartless company! We were lied to by a representative. We did not realize this until we returned home and tried to use our points as outlined. Found out it was bogus info. Wanted to get out of our upsell, even willing to forgo some of the many 1000s that we paid. Got a flat refusal!"

Cherie says

"I enjoyed my stays with Diamond Resort but I am utterly disappointed with the customer service or lack of customer service. Not one time since COVID-19 have I received one call or letter to even see if I was displaced or needed assistance. Also, I deleted my bank information ten months ago and they NEVER ceased drafting monthly from my account. I was given a free cruise and due to the pandemic I could not go on the cruise and I was offered nothing in return. To rate Diamond Resorts with 3 stars is being overly generous."

Jeanette says

"I paid extra for the room that overlooked the beach. I was on the third floor but at least 4 out of 6 nights, the bar below (on the beach) had loud noisy late parties.The room required some renovations and painting. The beach was nice and the restaurants fair. A busy hotel due to time sharing."

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